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Welcome to The Lord of the Strings!

Hello! My name is Gabriel Isaac. Thanks for visting my music lesson site.

I am a professional musician with multiple graduate degrees in music and various recording credits, and have offered guitar, bass, ukulele, ear training, songwriting, and music theory lessons in person and online for the last 20 years. I believe that with my expert guidance, each of my students can become a "Lord of the Strings".

So if you are looking for high quality guitar and music lessons that cover a range of topics including basic chords, strum patterns, fingerpicking, funk-style strumming, bluesy bends, aggressive metal riffs, arpeggios, extended jazz chords, sweep picking, tapping, improvisation, technical proficiency, sight reading, theory and ear training, then you've come to the right place. Or maybe you want to learn to play that one song you've wanted to forever - from the most difficult Van Halen solo, to a simple folk tune. Or perhaps, you want to learn to write your own music, I cover that as well.

So, click the links on the side to read testimonials from my students, more about me and my teaching philosophy, rates, and check out some FREE video lessons.

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