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Gabe is an awesome teacher! I took bass lessons from him and it was a great experience. He has a good way of teaching music concepts and will tailor lessons to what you're interested in learning. Also just a super interesting person in general. If you take lessons from him ask about all the places hes traveled for music/education. Very insightful and understanding instructor.

-Matthew G.

My daughter's been taking guitar lessons from G for more than 2-3 years now and she's still thrilled and excited every Tuesday when she sets up her electronic guitar and get ready for her lesson. She up to challenges in learning new pieces, new tricks or techniques.

She started with acoustic guitar then gradually moved to electric after mastery.

Guitar was not her first instrument though, she's taken piano, then flute before guitar but she's enjoying guitar better than the previous ones. She can just pick it up and roll.

We're happy with G! He's a good teacher and very patient with the lessons and make sure my daughter really knows it before moving to new lesson. He definitely knows his forte :)) Highly recommended, definitely!

-Bing L.

Back in 2017, I bought my first ever guitar as it was something I wanted my entire life. With the wealth of knowledge on the internet, I thought I would be able to self teach myself. Two months later, my guitar was back to collecting dust.

In 2018, I received a surprise gift for four lessons with a guitar instructor nearby, The Lord of the Strings! I was anxious, nervous and shy. I couldn't name the strings on my guitar, I knew no chord shapes or any music theory at all.

Early on, I made it clear to Gabe what my intentions were with guitar. It's a tertiary hobby that I love, but I can't commit an immense amount of time to, but I would be attending classes as consistently as possible and inform him when I was unable to attend or put in the expected time. Some months, I was hyper motivated to learn music and guitar theory, others I just brought in riffs or songs that I liked and wanted to learn. Gabe continuously supported my approach throughout the time.

Since 2018, I have gone to see Gabe pretty much weekly. Given the time I've put into the hobby, my skill reflects the effort and Gabe has taught me many of my favorite guitar riffs and helped push my understanding of music further and further. He has continuously been open minded about the music I listen to and am interested in playing for fun. If there was ever a part of a song Gabe was unfamiliar with, he would spend the time to learn the songs himself and often write out the tabs for me based on his ear or analyze how the guitarists perform in live videos.

Four years later, I am still excited every week to meet with Gabe and spend time on this hobby. I am happy with my skill level in relation to the time I've put in and I've gone from someone who didn't know anything about the guitar to someone who can play most of their favorite riffs for fun and just pick up and play from time to time. I wouldn't have gotten to this point without Gabe and I would strongly recommend the Lord of the Strings to anyone interested in an attentive and motivating guitar instructor.

-Sebastian D.

My son has been taking weekly guitar lessons with Gabe since January 2020, and always has postive things to say after every class.

I can not stress enough how accommodating Gabe is with our schedule. Aside from going to school, my son works part-time and it seems like every other week, his work schedules him on the same day and time he has guitar class. So of course, I'm reaching out to Gabe, apologizing for the inconvenience, and requesting to reschedule. And he has had no issue rescheduling, everytime!

What I appreciate the most about Gabe is his knowledge and passion for music. Extra points to him for having so much patience with my son, who can take a little longer than most, to grasp simple concepts.

I'm hoping that my son continues to be happy playing guitar and I would love for him to continue taking lessons with Gabe for as long as he wants.

If your in the Palms / West LA area, or any surrounding areas, and you're interested in guitar - newbie, intermediate or hard-core rocker - I'd recommend you reach out to Gabe.

P.S: he has a cute cat who is extremely friendly! :)

-Joanna F.

I've been taking lessons with Gabe for 2 years, he's a fantastic teacher and I've learned so much. He takes great care of his students. Always has extra time for questions, and has flexible scheduling options. He creates a warm and inviting environment for his students and has really opened my eyes to what guitar can be. Highly recommend!

-Max G.

Gabe is the best. He is reasonably priced and exceptionally skilled in terms of both knowledge and in terms of teaching. He can teach at all levels, rote beginner or deeply experienced. He has USC credentials if that is important to you; he has an adorable cat which is objectively important.

He has a great sense of humor, for what it's worth. I've had many guitar teachers; he's far and away the best of the bunch

-Jackson H.

I have been taking weekly guitar lessons with Gabe for more than a year now. He is a deeply skilled musician and teacher, and having him as my guide into the guitar has been a privilege and a pleasure. Gabe's knowledge of stringed instruments and music theory and instruction enables him to help me handle new challenges with a wide variety of exercises and practice techniques, so there is always a way forward. He is patient and able to adapt his guidance to any skill level. I recommend him very highly!

-Paul D.

I've been taking ukulele with Gabe for 5 months and it has been a great experience. I came to class the first day having bought my uke off amazon not knowing a thing and now I not only can play several songs and read tabs But I have a understanding of how to read music. I feel that the one on one classes really helped me lear the basics so much faster than any teach yourself method. It gave me things to work on during the week but also pushed me to learn something new each class. Even after just a few classes I was taking my uke to friends houses to play songs and everyone was so impressed! I highly recommend him for anyone looking to learn the ukulele or guitar.

-Lena S.

I've been taking ukulele lessons from Gabe for the last couple of months and it's been a great experience. I tried learning on my own and made very slow process. After taking lessons from him I've improved so much and am enjoying it a lot more!

-Sonia M.

I've been taking acoustic guitar lessons with Gabe for just over 8 months and I couldn't be happier with my progress to date.  He's a knowledgeable, clear, and patient instructor that I would recommend to anyone at any level of skill.  I feel like no matter what I want to learn or how far I advance, there will still be things I can learn from him.

I had previously taught myself guitar ~15 years ago, but had hit a ceiling in my progress.  I feel like Gabe and I spent the first few months reteaching/relearning some bad habits and cheats I had taught myself - I believe those habits and cheats actually created the ceiling I hit.  He helped me lay a new, correct baseline of beginner theory that's enabled me to grow and learn so much faster than I could have on my own.

His level of commitment to all areas of music, from theory to performance, informs the way he teaches you based on how you learn.  If I'm not grasping a concept, he covers it multiple ways using different examples and tactics - making sure I find a way to latch on and "own" the material before moving on.  

I appreciate the way he allows his students to shape the progress and content of the lessons, if they desire.  There's definitely structure and paced advancement as you progress, but if I show interest in a specific topic, song, or concept, Gabe will make room for it in our lessons and my practice.  I never feel like we're moving too fast or too slow for my skill level - he understands where his students are and (I imagine) tailors everything you do/learn to the individual.

He's also a super nice, interesting person who is easy to get along with - that's a huge plus when electing to spend time with someone to learn something new!  5 stars for Gabe.

-Jennie A.


I'm a super beginner guitar player, and since taking lessons with Gabe (it's been over a year now) I can honestly say my playing has vastly improved! I always come out of every lesson with a bit of knowledge, whether theory-based or physical, that helps me grasp something that I couldn't before I walked in. Gabe is extremely patient, even when I ask the same questions over and over again -- helpful for a shy player like myself -- and the guy can honestly probably play any song on the planet. I'm looking forward to continuing my lessons with him and, who knows, maybe even performing in a coffee shop one day soon. 

Definitely highly recommended! Especially if you're trying to master music theory along with basic guitar skills.

-Britney T.


Gabe did a great job at figuring out where I was as a guitarist and giving me helpful instruction from there. He's knowledgeable about everything you'd want to learn about jazz music. In less than a couple months, I have a much greater understanding of music theory. I look forward to learning a lot more! Recommend him big time to anyone wanting to take guitar lessons - not just aspiring jazz players. Also, he can teach the ukulele well too!

-John C.


Gabe lives up to all the aforementioned praises. Whether you are a beginner with no prior experience (like myself) searching for the basics or a vet looking to sharpen your skills, Gabe will be able to help you. He's a great teacher for all skill levels and most importantly, very patient. He has a great talent in breaking down complex ideas into terms a beginner would understand. I feel the lessons are customized to my interests, strengths and weaknesses. He has a flexible schedule, also. After a year under his tutelage, I can confidently say I can play the guitar. Although, it might be a little while longer before I am headlining. Definitely a class worth taking!

PS. Did I mention he is patient!

-Chip H.


Gabe is the best! My 15-year-old son has been taking guitar lessons from Gabe for about seven months. Gabe is wonderfully knowledgeable in all aspects of guitar playing -- from techniques to theory, and improvisation to reading music. My son always looks forward to his lesson and I love being in the background while they work.

-Amy S. (Parent of student)


Gabe is an amazing musician and it shows.  

I on the other hand just picked up a guitar to spend sometime by myself, in a room, away from work, two crazy little kids and all of the other stuff that keeps me from simply relaxing.  That worked for a few weeks and then I got bored of the books or online videos.  

So I searched around and found Gabe (he had a kick ass deal for the first lesson!).  The first lessons I assume were the typical lessons for someone who didn't even know how to hold a pick.  Fingers here, look there, this is how you tune and oh hey, it's probably not working cause your amp isn't on.  Seriously, I had no idea what I was doing.  

It's a year later and I love my guitar more than I ever thought I could.  I play almost every night and it's not because I'm amazing at it but simply because Gabe challenges me.  Of course I've improved, but more importantly I'm having a great time playing.  Sure, the lessons are still a bit of work between a teacher and student.....but after every lesson I get better and have more fun than before.  

After we got past the basic stuff I began to ask certain questions about things. I was curious about: scales, this song or that song, Hendrix or The Beatles, etc. etc.  Usually it was just curiosity of something or maybe a song that I could play if I just learned the simple way to play it.  But Gabe, in his own very unique way, would basically push me to play the song the correct way....showing me piece by piece how to play the entire song.  Sure, I still think Hendrix and John Frusciante are gods among mortals....but I can take a hack at some of their songs and have fun doing it!  

Let me be clear, Gabe isn't pushy by any means....he sorta just shows you that the song you thought was impossible....isn't.  And then walks you through it until you can pick it all up with the skills (and new confidence) he just gave you.

Gabe as a teacher is awesome.....but is seriously impressive as a musician.  I 've mentioned countless songs to him and he just breaks them out without even needing to look at the music or hear the song.  If he doesn't know the song you're talking about, once he hears it he usually can pick it up by ear.  And don't even get me started on how good his beer brewing skills are!!

An overall guitar savior for us mere mortals.

-David J.


I have had Gabe as a guitar teacher for a number years and I have nothing, but absolutely great things to say about him.  When I first walked into my lesson I had some knowledge of music, but little to no knowledge of the guitar.  He was and is extremely patient and explains everything from basic chords to music theory so anyone can understand. 

He is also willing to teach any song that you are interested in playing.  If for some reason (and this is very rare) he doesn't know the song he will quickly find it and have you playing it by the end of the lesson.

I was also amazed that after I had had lessons on the acoustic and electric guitar, one day I asked if he'd be willing to teach me on the ukulele.  He immediately said yes and had me playing "Free Falling" by the end of the next lesson.

Lastly, Gabe is also an outstanding guitar player.  Occasionally he will play something he has written or part of something I haven't heard before and its just amazing!  I highly recommend him as a teacher.  You will NOT be disappointed.

-Ryan P.


Gabe is an exceptional guitar teacher. He is extremely patient which makes the lessons more fun and enjoyable for a beginner guitarist like me. At the same time Gabe knows how to push the student outside of their comfort zone. With his patience and encouragement I also feel up to the challenge without being afraid or embarrassed to make mistakes. He has an ability to break down the learning into very small steps and come up with drills and exercises to help with technique that I have not seen anywhere else. There are some music theory concepts that Gabe clearly explained in five minutes that I had never been able to understand before. With his instruction I feel that I am developing musical sense and ideas that I had not done with other instructors. I am very happy with my progress and I look forward to the lessons even when I haven't had much chance to practice during the week. I know I will learn and progress and have fun doing it.

-Amit D.


I've been fortunate to receive lessons from Gabriel for little over a year and half and the very first thing you will notice about his teaching methods and what separates him from the vast majority of other guitar teachers is that not only will he cater to what you specifically are trying to improve upon but he also really pays attention to the way you play as a whole and will provide with you tips/lessons on the entire aspect of guitar playing, even areas that you had not brought up with him. As a UCLA music student, I can't stress enough not only how incredibly talented he is just at playing the guitar but the vast knowledge of guitar playing, guitar tone, guitar "tricks", that really encompass all of the stuff a student would yearn for in a lesson. And the direction of the lesson is completely up to you, I've stopped Gabriel before and questioned him on why he played something a certain way and he gives you a detailed opinion on why he is doing it but also variations that might you suit your playing better. Furthermore, with his extensive background in music he can provide you with not only just the fundamentals and mechanics of guitar playing but crafting songs, music theory, and the structuring of soloing. Not to mention I think he's got every issue of guitar player magazine dating back to the 80s. I've taken lessons from nearly ever part of California(Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego and LA) and I've yet to meet someone with his level of playing and dedication to his students.  It's been a great pleasure to learn from him, watch him play, and any student looking to advance his skills need not look any further. Simply put, you're wasting your time going any place else, I know because I've been there.

-Jarrett L.


Gabe is the aspiring musician, teacher and great mentor who is willing to really work with the student enthusiastically. My kid (9 years old) had the opportunity to emerge with a very good foundation in playing guitar for the first time, and the many principles of guitar playing in general. Very interestingly, Gabe utilizes a common sense approach to motivate new students to proceed at their own pace. As a result, that helps my kid connecting and mastering each element in realistic way. I like Gabes guitar lesson approach that is without promising instant success delusion to the student as well as parents. The time and money invested into this guitar lessons was worth a lot to us as a parent and to my son.We strongly recommend to anyone's kids to take his classes. I shall say, "Designed for beginners who want to play Music/Guitar lessons quickly by ear."

-Joel & son Natan


Here is a fine guitar/music teacher...Gabe not only knows his craft on a high level (playing) but can communicate the how-to in a simple yet meaningful way.

-Joy S.


I am so glad I found Gabe. I knew nothing about playing the guitar and he was absolutely the right person to start taking lessons from. He is incredibly patient, knowledgeable and talented, and he did not judge me for the fact that I only wanted to learn Taylor Swift songs (at least to start!). He tailored our lessons to my needs, and gave me printouts and exercises to take home when he knew they would help me. I had to take a break from our lessons for awhile to tend to my family, but I hope to start back up with Gabe when I have more time to dedicate to the guitar. In the mean time, Gabe gave me plenty of tools so I can practice on my own, try and write my own music, and keep it up enough so I'm not a beginner again when I get the chance to go back to him.

-Sara R


Self-taught musician playing guitar for 8+ years, interested in technical metal guitar.

After meeting Gabe for our first session I was pleased to find out that he's very friendly/chill.  His teaching style was a no-brainer for me to follow.

Once key playing issues (I had picked up some bad habits) were identified, he made a very straightforward daily warm-up & practice regimen for me to work on. After just a week of ~20 min. a day my playing was noticeably cleaner and professional.  I was definitely surprised how quickly I started to progress.  Was a much needed push in the right direction.Highly recommended!

-Jeff K.


I had never taken a lesson on anything but a single note instrument, until I started guitar lessons with Gabe. I didn't know what to expect in what time frame, and was pleasantly surprised to be playing some of my favorite songs in a relatively short amount of time. Gabe is a very articulate, patient, nonjudgmental teacher, who intuitively knows what the student needs, in order to make the next breakthrough, at any given time. I highly recommend lessons with Gabe, if you are interested in learning how and why, as he doles out both technique and theory in the right increments, at the appropriate time.

-Kathy H.


Gabe is very patient and encouraging to the beginning guitar student. He is also very interested in each student's musical taste and tailors the music he teaches accordingly.

-Eve H.


Gabe is a great guitar teacher. He's very easy-going and patient and is willing to work with whatever pace is most comfortable to you. I had some very basic music knowledge before seeing Gabe, but he taught me all the basics of guitar from the ground up. Within a few months I was playing some of my favorite songs. Meanwhile I was practicing all the chords and learning other basic theory that Gabe is great at explaining to a novice such as myself. The other great thing about Gabe is that he always encourages you to try some new techniques and styles in addition to what you prefer to listen or play on your own time. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get started playing guitar or to refine the skills you already have.

-Andrew H.


I'm very pleased with my lessons. I'm a rank beginner -- couldn't read music and have never studied an instrument before. Gabe is knowledgeable, patient, and seriously interested in helping me progress. I believe I am progressing, which is the proof in the pudding. Gabe has been a wonderful teacher for me over the past 16 months. When I started my lessons with him I barely knew one end of the guitar from the other. I've made far more progress than I ever imagined possible in just a little over a year. I can actually play my guitar and am beginning to be able to read music. Gabe has been unfailingly encouraging and patient with my clumsiness -- which means a great deal to me.

- Joanne O.


Gabe is an unbelievably talented, knowledgeable, and patient teacher. I took some lessons as a kid but at that time, I wasn't interested in much more than just being able to play some of my favorite tunes. After rediscovering my interest in playing and wanting to learn more, I was lucky enough to find Gabe and finally get the instruction in theory and fundamentals that I needed to improve. I appreciate Gabe's ability to cater to the songs and types of music I am interested in learning, while also exposing me to music I wouldn't have thought to dig into on my own. Whether you are a beginner or would like to polish up on your skills, take a lesson, go watch Gabe play live, and have a ton of fun.

- Adam P.


Gabe is incredibly knowledgable at his craft, and can explain what he's doing in a way suitable for everybody. Gabe introduced me to some exercises for speed and creativity that I use almost everyday to keep my fingers loose. Watching Gabe play is inspiring, to say the least. You can see on his videos online just how fast and accurate Gabe plays - it's a thrill to sit in a room which that kind of talent. He's also got a cool cat that really likes my guitar case. Go see him and definitely practice ALL THE TIME - if you do, Gabe can turn you into a serious player. Oh, and he's a cool guy, too. Easy to talk to and ask questions.

- Jason H.


When I started taking lessons with Gabe, I had never even held a guitar before! Now, four years later, I can strum just about anything at a campfire, play through many of the classic rock standards (Stairway to Heaven, Hotel California, etc.) and am working on my confidence for improvising as blues lead guitar. Gabe is a patient and encouraging teacher. He knows a lot of music history and theory, which gives me a deep understanding of why we play what we do. This knowledge allows me to go beyond mere imitation toward (eventually) new musical ideas.

-Leah B.


Gabe is an incredible teacher!  I had been playing as a self taught guitarist for 20 years and never got to where I wanted to be. After a year of weekly lessons, I finally was playing the soul, funk, blues and rock that I always wanted to play.  He shaped my ears and my fingers!  I have skills and knowledge I never thought I would have, but always wished that I did.  He is a patient, articulate, and encouraging instructor. I took weekly lessons with Gabe for three years.  Honestly, probably the best money I've ever spent on myself!

-Eric R.


Gabe has an extraordinary gift of easily identifying and focusing time on the exact tools you need to become a stronger guitar player.  No time is ever waisted.  Gabe instinctively knows what it takes to make you grow.

-Sara W.


Taking lessons from Gabe was great. He's clearly a talented player, but also a gifted teacher. Lessons were fun and tailored to my abilities and interests. I would highly recommend Gabe.

-Steve H

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